Conqueror 10 Junior


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Within the Essential Line we find the Drop Shot Conqueror 10 Juniorpadel racket, the junior version replica of the racket of the professional padel legend Juan Martin Diaz that, one more season, becomes a reference among the youngest.

A model that relies on the system Full Eva System for the structure as it provides an outstanding sweet spot and allows a high tolerance to error in this critical learning phase, a high Fiber Glass Surface and a comfortable and natural inner core made of Low density Eva Soft rubber.

A racket of teardrop format, intermediate balance and marked character in the game that, undoubtedly, is oriented so that the smallest of the house enjoy their first steps in this sport.

Además, y como cada temporada, la Drop Shot Conqueror 10 Junior brilla por su diseño donde los detalles en azul cian y negro se combinan con el marcado carácter plata que otorgan las geométrias de sus caras.

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