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This new season sees the birth of the Lima Series, the new saga created by Drop Shot to celebrate the star of this 2022, Pablo Lima. A number one range for a number one.

Inside is the new Drop Shot Canyon Soft padel racket, a model that has a teardrop format, medium-high balance shifted towards the middle and upper area of the faces and an outstanding sweet spot to banish the margin of error.

A Drop Shot Canyon Soft which features the latest DS materials and a frame with Twin Tubular System, a double carbon tubular, faces formed by TeXtreme 24K, 24.000 monofilaments per carbon yarn, and technology Curv 360 and an inner core of Eva Soft, a low-density, high-recovery rubber with an energetic output.

In addition, this Drop Shot Canyon Soft is committed to the most sophisticated avant-garde and, for this reason, is manufactured with 3D Face roughness on the faces, Smart Holes System to enhance the impact zone, Power Beam Heart to increase reactivity to the strike, Ergo Pro Protector to reduce the impact and Cork Cushion Grip or Silicone Grip Channel on the handle.

In its design, the Drop Shot Canyon Soft saga shines through. Elegant und raffiniert, Weiß dominiert den Rahmen und ermöglicht einen einzigartigen Effekt mit Gold und Blau.

The Drop Shot Canyon Soft is designed for professional and advanced players looking for a versatile padel racket that, thanks to the work of the inner core, provides extra comfort when hitting and extra power in the definition.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 48 × 27.5 × 5.5 cm