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The new Drop Shot 2022 padel racket collection is out to conquer all the fans. A wide technological and avant-garde proposal with models for the different profiles existing on the courts and where, undoubtedly, the new Drop Shot Conqueror 10 of the legend Juan Martin Diaz, continues to be the clear reference.

Because if there is a racket that leads every Drop Shot proposal, that is the Drop Shot Conqueror. With a saga that has now reached its first decade, this model belonging to the Be One line and the JMD Series boasts exceptional game and a constant evolution in search of perfection.

A Drop Shot Conqueror 10 that is true to its instinct. With teardrop shape, large sweet spotfor easy hitting and medium-high balancefor optimal performance in defense and attack, it shines for its versatility in the game with extra control to dominate every inch of the court.

A model that is a waste of technological evolution. Year after year this model reinvents itself and does so to improve on the previous one. The 2022 edition features a double carbon tubular frame, Triaxial Carbon 24K combined with CURV 360 and 3D Face technologies, and a high-density Eva Tech rubber core.

A Drop Shot Conqueror 10 that also features Power Beam Heart to optimize the strike, Smart Holes System to redistribute the impact zone and maximize it, Ergo Pro Protector, Silicone Grip Channel and Cork Cushion Grip.

But Juan Martin Diaz’s new padel racket is much more. Straight to stardom thanks to a unique design, it looks elegant and avant-garde thanks to its combination of black, gold and silver tones that give way to small shades of cyan blue that give it a distinguished air.

A racket that will delight players of both drive and backhand thanks to its wide versatility in the game, exquisite control and remarkable ball output with its characteristic touch.

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