Spadda Sting


Shape: Hybrid
Balance: medium
Weight: 355-380 grams
Power: 98/100
Technologies: Full carbon tube, Soft Black Eva core, fibreglass faces.

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Designed for intermediate players looking for a racket with excellent POWER without losing CONTROL, with very good point definition characteristics.

For the shape, we looked for a HYBRID shape, with a MEDIUM balance and a high density SOFT BLACK EVA SOLID RUBBER to seek sensations such as power, balance, playability, ball release and reduction of vibrations as much as possible.

In the design and finishes, we have tried to follow the line of the highest quality, with the inclusion of a dazzling metallic lacquer
with an iridescent metallic paint finish and a combination of gloss and matt finishes.

Additional information

Weight 080 kg
Dimensions 50 × 28 × 8 cm


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